1. Why should I Learn Data Science?

Ans. The IT revolution has led to phenomenal growth in data in various formats – text, images, videos etc. both internally in organizations and externally. Explosive growth in Data Volumes due to social media, sensors and availability of next generation data storage/data computing software/ hardware has made availability and processing of Data easier. As a user of data, it is important to have an understanding of ways and means of converting data into knowledge/insights for your role. A Data Science course can help you in this journey.

2. I don’t have Statistics & Programing background. Can I join the Program?

Ans. Yes, of course! You need an open mind and the passion to learn. Juxt Knowledge courses are structured to address all learning needs. We start with understanding basic Statistical Concepts through practical use cases and applications. Then we deep dive into higher end applications. It is important for a good Data Scientist to have strong Statistical Knowledge, and you will need to travel this journey.

3. Who should join this Program?

Ans. Anyone who needs to use data and take out insights from it, irrespective of functional domain, can join this course.

4. What is the role of Juxt Knowledge?

Ans. Juxt Knowledge is the initiative by Juxt-smartmandate.com, an organization active in the Data Analytics space from last 12 years. These 12 years have been spent working on multiple industries like Pharma, Media and Entertainment, FMCG etc., completing ______ (number) of projects. Practitioner approach, courses driven by experts having a strong academic background with a strong ecosystem of partners / researchers, is what you will benefit from by becoming a part of this program.

5. What opportunities can I expect after the Program?

Ans. You will get access to our Internal Projects database that can be used for practice and Learning resources (articles/videos/papers/updates) through our blog.